RoomScape is the Evocation Images name for a landscape photograph with just one or two dominant colour themes. This gallery is a work in progress but the pictures have been selected to be used as the focal point in a room and should complement the room colour scheme.

When set up, to help match a colour scheme with a photograph, first select the photograph to view, then click the link to the right of the photograph under the caption to see the matching colour sets. Only the first image (Dawn Rays) has been set up for demonstration purposes. The colour sets have been chosen by picking a dominant colour from the main picture. Usually light and dark colours have been selected to give a choice of match.

In each colour set, the first option is the match with the colour chosen from the picture to the nearest product from the Dulux paint range. Within each set, you will see variations around the chosen colour with both main and complementary colours in the same scheme. The Dulux names for all colours are given below the RoomScape.
This gallery is empty.